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Purchase Method Of High-quality Door And wWndow Pulley


High quality door and window pulley can not only reduce noise, but also can prolong the service life of doors and windows. But the pulley on the market often variety, so that consumers cannot distinguish the quality uneven in quality.

Good or bad. Here are two tips for choosing a pulley that might help you.
First select the material, now sold on the market of the rail material a, slide for the alloy texture, there are part of the slide is made from copper.

Slide alloy texture is divided into common type and thickening
Type, depending on the quality of the door or window. If the door or window of the small size and light weight, you can choose a small track, if the weight of the door or window is heavy, it is to choose to add
Thick type track to ensure safe and durable.

Second choice of supporting pulley, the pulley is not to be ignored in the accessory door and window, the good quality of the pulley can promote the doors and windows of the push and pull. The quality of the outer bearing pulley and decided to slip

For the outer wheel quality, nylon fiber or copper, copper is strong but pull the pulley, a voice. Pull the pulley nylon fiber texture without sound, but not as good as the copper pulley wear.
It is understood that the quality of the pulley bearings generally use stainless steel materials, bearing the installation of close, sliding feel soft and no noise, and even some of the pulley can also adjust the height, make up the door and

The distance between the rail, so that the door and the rail link more closely. Door, window at the bottom of the small pulley work quality is also very different, the process of sophisticated small pulley pulls up light and fast, some brands of sliding

The wheel is also provided with an anti-jump device, and the use is safer.

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