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We provide custom hardware for door and window suppliers, such as zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, steel products.

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We can also provide a wide range of hardware accessories, which are widely used in machinery, vehicles, door and window hardware, machining parts, light industry, textile, instrumentation, chemical, military, aerospace and so on.

If you have the intension to customize metal products, you can send drawings, material and quality inspection requirements to us, or send samples to us. Our team will review your requirements and give you a quotation very quickly. We also can work with your engineers to design a custom metal hardware solution, if needed. After confirming the order, we will develop the mold and provide samples as soon as possible. After passing the sample test, we will ensure the quality, production time and shipment of the bulk goods.

Please Feel Free To Leave Your Needs Here, A Competitive Quotation Will Be Provided According To Your Requirement.

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