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Fortune Technology Group, formerly known as Beijing Advanced New Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 1994, is a professional manufacturer and distributor for bearings, pulleys, door/window hardware, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, steel and all other metal products. We are committed to providing quality products, excellent services and also overall solutions to customers from around the world. Based on the strategy aimed at technological innovation, industrial innovation and personnel training, and through many years of efforts, the group has grown ...

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Purchase Method Of High-quality Door And wWndow Pulley

High quality door and window pulley can not only reduce noise, but also can prolong the service l...

Introduction Of Bearing

Bearing is an important component of all kinds of mechanical equipment, its precision, performanc...

Steps For Installing A Sliding Glass Door

1. Use reciprocating saw to cut around the old window. 2. Pull out the lower section of wall. 3. ...

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